Reach Stacker C 4230-4540 TL
Laden Container Handler Reachstacker Capacity 42000 – 45000 kg
A large percentage of the world’s freight is moved in containers between busy ports and container terminals around the globe. This continuously expanding and competitive process requires highly efficient handling equipment to ensure rapid turnaround times. This tough and demanding industry needs rugged and durable equipment that also combines sophistication in the handling of heavy and very valuable loads. The impressive Linde Reachstacker was designed and built by engineers who understand the specialised demands of container handling. These superb trucks bring a new dimension to the efficient handling of ISO containers. The Linde reach stacker utilises either a toplift telescopic handler or a combination handler for up to five-high stacking, threedeep in container storage applications. For the tough and demanding environment of the container handling industry the Linde reach stacker more than measures up to the challenge, delivering consistent high performance, reliability and durability while keeping operational costs to a minimum.